Neighborhood friends gather at the sandlot to play home run derby for hours, stopping only when the ball begins to play hide-and-seek with the darkening sky; grade-schoolers, dressed like colorful marshmallows — in plushy parkas, snow pants and boots — trudge out to the school yard to toss the pigskin, slipping and sliding in the feathery snow until the bell sounds, signaling the end to another successful playing of the “Ice Bowl.”

These are the stories remembered. And part of the reason Perfect Storm Broadcasting was founded at the end of 2012. The others were a desire to return home from small town America and to bring the local, organic excitement those bite-sized communities have toward their sports teams to the Twin Cities.

Sports are such a great avenue for developing a strong sense of character, self-worth, camaraderie and accomplishment. They can be competitive and challenging on one hand, and gratifying and rewarding on the other.

Few go on to play college sports and scarcely any make it to the pros. The majority of Minnesotans, however, do participate in athletics up to and during high school.

PSB Media co-founders Kevin Hagstrom and Brett Johnson, both former radio announcers, saw web streaming as an opportunity to tap into the Twin Cities sports marketplace. They set about catering coverage to amateur athletes and the communities that support them.

Today, PSB mostly broadcasts high school varsity sports.

Just like backyard catch and street hockey are etched into the minds of those who played growing up, PSB aims to provide an avenue for players and their networks of friends and family to live and relive (through the archives) sports memories together.

Hagstrom cannot remember what he got for his birthday last year but he vividly remembers scoring 20 points in an organized basketball game for the first time, including hitting a buzzer-beater before halftime.

Johnson succinctly recalls his years playing varsity MAAA floor hockey and playing in two state championship games his junior and senior years inside a packed Stillwater gymnasium.

The company’s slogan “Live. Local. Play-by-Play.” embodies its aim to bring truly local content — built around the athletics of the area school — to foster in each coverage area a sense of community.

PSB Media has taken this approach to its coverage of Eden Prairie, Bloomington Jefferson and Kennedy.

Thanks to advertisers, all PSB webcasts are free for users.

Admittedly smaller in scale than other Minnesota webcasting companies, PSB values the relationships of few over coverage of many.  

As any athlete will say, PSB knows it would not be anywhere without a good team. Media outlets, such as BEC-TV, Overtime Sports Network and Minnesota Football and Hockey Magazines; local and supporting businesses; as well as the schools it serves have helped PSB tremendously.  

For those who yearn to play at the next level, PSB can be a source of additional exposure. Athletes can request PSB cut highlight packages from events covered and recruiters can use game footage to make talent assessments.

PSB also accepts live streaming requests for any event – sporting or not – and works with small businesses interested in growing their reach through the aide of video commercial production.

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